TODAY: Lakewood opens Chometz dropoffs | All about chometz in garbage bins – especially Jackson


It’s that time of year… Pesach Cleaning! With a week to Pesach, I’m sure some residents are feeling the pressure. Don’t worry, the Lakewood Township Public Works has taken steps to ensure the all will go safely, smoothly, and efficiently, so that you can go into Pesach calm and relaxed… or so we hope. In addition to the drop off sites, the resident drop off has extended the hours from 7 am until 11 pm.

  Today the drop off sites opened. The hours of operation are from Wednesday from 12 pm to Friday at 12 pm. These locations will be open for 48 hours straight. There will be Eight (8) drop off sites for the Pesach pick up this year. The locations will be: 

1– The Lakewood Resident drop off at 1 America Ave. 

2 – 9th & Clifton. 

3 – 9th & Forest Ave. 

4 – Brook Road Park. 

5 – Sunset Road Park. 

6 – West Gate on Hillside Blvd. 

7 – Patrick Park. Located at 1000 Vine St (Baseball field parking lot) 

8 – D’Zio Park. Parking lot on Locust Street 

    Here is a list of what you can bring to the resident drop off sites: Household garbage and recycling. Wood (up to a certain amount within reason) couches, chairs, sofas, doors, tables, all household furniture All household electronics and E-Waste and batteries. All metal, refrigerators, grills, and other household appliances.

Prohibited items that the Resident drop off and the satellite sites cannot accept are: tires with the rim on, paint, household chemicals, commercial construction and/or demolition material, large amounts of wood, cabinets, drywall, sheetrock, plaster, concrete, and hazardous material. Please do not put bulk trash out unless you have a scheduled appointment. All materials brought to and/or picked up by Lakewood Township Public Works can be denied at the discretion of its management.

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Chometz in trash bins

   Contrary to popular belief, your garbage cans do not belong to you. They belong to the DPW. We are doing all we can to ensure that the garbage is picked up Erev Pesach, but if your garbage cans are full, just bring your cans to one of the drop off sites. If you can’t, pleaseset your cans at the curb, as if it were your pick up day and forget about them. It’s not your problem anymore; it’s ours. I’ve discussed this with several rabbonim and you can call your own rav as well. You don’t own the cans, and you don’t own anything that is inside of them.

Lakewood and Toms river are Municipality owned. The recycling bin in Toms River even has a chip in it – so they can locate a missing/stolen bin!

Jackson township does not provide garbage services so it is a bit more complex. The best thing to do would be to burn it all! If you can’t flush it down the toilet and discard it.

If you can’t, do the following:

  • Put it in your garbage
  • Bring it to the curb
  • Make sure no piece is larger than a Kzayis
  • Put in some cleaning agent or lighter fluid and you are good to go!

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  1. Hi,
    Here in Jackson we pay for our own Garbage pickup to private companies. Are we allowed to throw out our chometz in them before Pesach, when it wont be collected till the following Monday? Do the garbage cans belong to me? We don’t pay for the garbage can itself we just pay for the service. But is it considered as if we are renting it from them?
    I’d appreciate if you can address this issue/Sheilah.
    Thank you!

  2. The Pischei Teshuva says municipality bins are Ok – even if the bin is on your own property, certainly in a public area – the curb. The M’B says you need to say it is Hefker, but putting it on the curb is likely like saying it is hefker… It gets complex in Eretz Yisroel where the public bins are owned by the city which is also Jews. The Piskei Teshuvoas says break it into small crumbs under a czayis & make sure it gets all dirty & nasty (make sure it’s not in a bag) then it is OK. But it is best to put on a cleaning agent to make it not edible for dogs – and you should be good.
    This should work for Jackson
    Lakewood & Jackson are municipality owned. It seems Jackson is not.

    The Debrtziner says (Be’er Moshe 1:41) what to do about the garbage in a person’s private garbage cans outside his house on Erev Pesach, since most of the Chametz in the garbage is Chametz Gamur and is still Ra’ui L’Achilas Kelev.

    He paskened that if the garbage cans are on the street and not within your property, there is no problem. However if they are on your private property then you have Chametz in your Reshus. Even if you are mafkir your garbage, as long as it is in your property and you do not allow people passing by to enter your property, it is not considered hefker. Therefore in this case you should pour a substance on it that renders it inedible when it is impractical to take out the chametz and burn it.

    Rav Moshe Feinstein says, One may not leave chametz in his garbage cans on Pesach, even if those cans are left at the curb, because the chametz remains in his domain and under his control. One is obligated to destroy it.

    (Igros Moshe Orach Chaim 3:57)

  3. I think you are way off on Jackson. The garbage companies we pay for the service provide us with the cans. They are owned by them just as LW and TR own theirs. The only difference is it is a private company and not a township. But they still don’t belong to us.

    The following is directly from Waste Management’s Terms and Conditions: “EQUIPMENT. Any cart(s) or bin(s) (“Equipment”) WM furnishes to Customer shall remain WM’s property. While the Equipment is in Customer’s possession, Customer is liable for all loss or damage to the Equipment, except for normal wear and tear. Customer shall provide safe, unobstructed access to the Equipment on the collection day. If applicable, Customer must place the Equipment curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the collection day.”

    I’m sure the other companies have similar language in their service contracts.

    If this differs from the municipally owned bins please clarify why.


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