Lakewood: List Of Oil Changes and Mechanics Who Come To You!


The car needs an oil change badly, it’s high time to replace the windshield wipers or that burnt out bulb, the battery or breaks are shot, the heating is busted, or you need a plain old diagnosis – but who has time? Life is too busy to spend half a day at the mechanic. Shuttling back and forth to drop off and pick up the car – But there is no other option….

Or is there?

Lakewood boasts many frum mobile mechanics who service you at your location. They will diagnose and fix your car at your home, office, or on the road!

Tires On Wheels (Sruli’s Auto): 609-207-9500. Full-fledged mechanic. See picture below. They are known for their “yellow truck”. (Call only, no text)

Luber: 1-833-GET-LUBE (438-5823). Specializes in oil changes – regular or synthetic – as well as brakes, batteries, wipers, bulbs, and filters. See picture below. (Call or text)

Sruli Gelbman: 914-420-3322. Full-fledged mechanic. (Call only, no text)

Yitzy Applebaum: 848-299-8765 Full-fledged mechanic. (Call or text)

Shaya Grossman: 732-705-7019 Full fledged mechanic, except for oil changes. (Call or text)

Breaks On Wheels Moshe Levy: 848-210-3640 Specializes in replacing brakes and car batteries. (Call or text)

Tire Shop on Wheels: Specializes in tires, batteries, and brakes. Avail from 8am until 11pm! 732-336-9200.

AutoCorrrect Eli Chapler: 848-480-5985 Specializes in fixing all minor accident repairs: broken car mirrors, broken windows, broken lights, and bumper fenders. All major insurances accepted. See picture below. (Call or text – send pic for a quick quote.)

Nachy Moniker: 732-898-0349 Specializes in installing car back-up cameras, car DVD players, and car remote starters. (Call or text). In this bone chilling weather, having a remote starter is fantastic. Virtually any car can have one installed, even “regular cars”.

The mobile businesses listed above service the Jackson and Toms River areas as well.

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  1. I had an amazing experience with one of the vendors on your list: I called Luber today to do a synthetic oil change on my Sienna, Luber came and lifted my car on the ramp, got whatever necessary equipment to start the oil change, but then when he took out the stick, he commented that the Van can still go for a decent while before change the oil (bet 500-1000 miles). I appreciated his honestly (he could’ve just changed it then and i would never had known). Thank you Mr. Luber for being honest!


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