Lakewood High Roller? Check out the Latest SUV’S over $100K


Lakewood used to be ‘strictly Toyota’. Now, Tesla’s and Range Rovers are not uncommon.

In recent years the world has seen many younger millionaires and billionaires. Tech, fashion, and real estate have brought 71 people ‘under 40’ into the Forbes billionaires list in 2019.

The car industry saw that and responded. Younger wealthy people requires there to be luxury SUV’s.

Here is a list of ‘Family cars’ for millionaires that start at $100k or over.

Lamborghini Urus 

  • Starts at $200K
  • 17-highway mpg and 12-city mpg.
  • Fastest SUV in the world
  • 650 horsepower 
  • V8
  • 0-60 Under 3 seconds

Bentley Bentayga

  • Comes in a few trims & fuel types
  • 0 – 60 mph 4.4- 5.2 seconds
  • Starts at $165K
  • Mpg: 12 city / 19 highway
  • V6 or V8 options

Rolls Royce Cullinan

  • Starts at $325K – easily gets past half million.
  • V-12
  • 0-60 In 4.8 seconds
  • 18.8 mpg 


  1. No offense, uh,”nikola” but your the one that needs to get his facts straight, the cheapest tesla is the shorter range model 3 which starts at 36k the cheapest toyata sienna is the base L which starts at 29k so uh who needs to get his facts straight again…?


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