Just in time for Elul Zman: BMG parking lot paved


Roughly 5 months ago, GL reported that a half-million dollars was granted by the NJ Transit to the Lakewood Township, which owns the land across from Bais Aaron and Bais Shalom, to pave and reconstruct the parking lot.

The whole ‘square block lot’ was to be paved and painted – with 3 entrances in and out, 2 on 9th street and one on Clifton avenue.

The lot will fit a maximum of 465 cars and plans include a bus shelter on Clifton avenue.

The paving has been completed – just in time for the new Zman.


  1. The Lakewood township ordinance that converted the field to a parking lot stipulated that a 1/4 would be for a playground. What happened to the playground?
    What does the town intend to do with the old public works off of E 9th Street?

    So many kids in Lakewood with no plan from the township for playgrounds…Just parking lots and duplexes.


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