Jackson babysitter ‘Visited’ by an official


An official came to the home of a Woman who had a babysitting group. The official knocked and said through the door ‘if you don’t open I will call the Police.’ After allowing her in, she noticed there were 7 children, 6 plus her own child – one more than she was allowed by law.

It remains unclear how the official threatened to call the cops, NJ law requires a warrant to enter a home…

As reported previously on GreaterLakewood, the legal guidelines are as follows:

A Childcare center with 5 Kids or under does not require a license. 6 or more does, regardless of age. The ratio of staff to kids is as follows:

  • 0-18 Months, 1:4
  • 18-30 months, 1:5
  • 30 months till 4 (not including 4), 1:10
  • 4-5 years, 1:12
  • Your own child may not be included…

There are many rules and regulations. Click here to view all 102 pages



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