Israeli radio: El Al flight attendant that contracting the measles, died from hospital infection, not the measles


A few days ago GL reported a 43-year-old El Al flight attendant passed away roughly 5 months after contracting the measles.

She was exposed to the measles virus while working on El Al Flight 002 which departed JFK Airport in New York City in March and landed in Tel Aviv.

Israeli army radio now reports she was hospitalized due to the measles but in the hospital, she contracted a terrible infection which ended up killing her.

Maariv reports she received at least one measles vaccination before contracting the disease.

Critics point out she was hospitalized due to the measles. She lost consciousness and was in a coma. Ultimately the infection killed her, but the measles incapacitated her.


  1. And if they had given her Vitamins A and C she would probably have recuperated from the measles. The WHO (world health organization) knows that vitamin a reduced morbidity and mortality from measles, but like the hospital forgot to mention she contracted the infection there, they probably forgot about the vitamins, also. Hospital deaths from hospital acquired infections run in the thousands annually, as opposed to deaths from measles which are in the single digits or less.

  2. Thank you for reporting this honestly.
    You can never trust mainstream media reporting honestly about health issues. Their largest advertisers is big pharma, they will never publish things against them, and publish their propaganda at will.

    Her death is 100% the responsibility of the Misrad Habriyut of Israel and the pharma funded medical education.
    They ban natural things like cannabis and Colloidal silver which could have easily saved her life, but they’d rather her and others die than compete with antibiotics and big pharma drug sales.

  3. I read that she was in an induced coma. She did not fall into a coma from the measles or the infection. This is a very important point.

    She may not have been incapacitated from the measles as an adult if she had contracted it as a child when it is known to be a lot safer and confers lifetime immunity.

    Emphasis should be placed on building up our own G-d given immune systems, which are our primary sources of defense, not relying on man-made vaccines which are known to lack effectiveness and do not confer long term immunity. Just Google outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations. There are more than you may have ever imagined.

    I also noticed that there was no mention of anyone on the plane catching measles from her, despite the fact that it’s highly contagious, people on a plane are in close quarters, and breathing recirculated air. Perhaps there is much more to the story than alluded to?


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