Israel bombs Gaza, Rockets fly in the south


8:30 PM The bombings continue….

6:15 PM reports of a ceasefire are not accurate. Hamas agreed to stop if Israel stops bombing them, which it said it will continue.

Over 30 rockets were launched at Israeli towns with many landing in open areas and a few shot down by iron dome. One rocket hit a home in Netivot causing damage but no injuries.

There are unconfirmed reports of iron dome batteries and David sling defense system being moved near Haifa as well which may indicate perhaps another front….

3:15 PM Multiple rockets were just launched into Southern Israel

2:45 PM Hamas’ radio station says an Israeli airstrike has demolished the offices of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

The airstrike took place moments after Israel fired a pair of warning shots at the office, a tactic that Israel uses to get people to evacuate targeted buildings.

There were no immediate reports of casualties.

Haniyeh had gone into hiding earlier Monday, fearing retaliation after a rocket fired from Gaza struck an Israeli home and wounded seven people in central Israel.

2:30 PM sirens wailed in southern Israel, the first time since the bombings began.

1:00 PM The bombings continue and will continue for several hours. Multiple direct hits have been reported on weapons warehouses, training facilities and missile depots. There have been no injuries in Gaza thus far.

The IDF is warning residents before strikes, and ‘roof knocking’ buildings about to be destroyed.

12:09 PM Netanyahu during his press conference with Trump, said “Israel is responding forcefully.. we will do whatever we must do, to defend our people and defend our State.”

11:45 AM Israeli helicopters just started bombing Gaza

11:35 AM Heavy weapons headed to the border

11:28 AM According to reports, the US have given Israel a green-light to launch a full scale military operation against Gaza.

11:20 AM Airstrikes to begin momentarily

11:15 AM The Egyptian intelligence delegation cancels its visit to Gaza as mediation efforts fail.

11:00 AM The IDF is currently opening all public bomb shelters in the south up to a 40km radius from the border

Reports claim The Qassam brigades gave the green light to all Gaza armed groups to respond at will to Israeli airstrikes

10:50 AM The train line between Ashkelon to Sderot has been closed.

10:45 AM Residents along the Gaza border were just warned that in 30 minutes the IDF will begin its attack. It seems it will be an initial massive bombing and if Hamas responds with its own rockets to the border communities and beyond, there will be further action taken…

The IDF is also warning Israelis in border towns ‘explosions will be heard.’

10:30 AM: Ashkelon Council, All activities end at 1600, parents are being urged by the IDF to have all children removed by 1600 from school grounds and at a safe location.

Reports: IDF Jets, drones, and Helicopters are flying over Gaza

9:00 AM The Israel Defense Forces said Monday afternoon that it will halt agricultural work near the security fence that runs along the border with the Gaza Strip “to improve readiness” for an escalation after an overnight rocket attack destroyed a house in the center of the country and wounded seven people.

The IDF’s Gaza Division said it would block routes and areas on the Israeli side of the fence and requested that residents “follow security instructions as long as necessary.”

The landing strips at Ben Gurion International Airport were ordered to be changed on Monday afternoon “due to the current situation,” according to a report by the Kan public broadcasting network.

The road closures were the latest signs of a potential IDF response to the rocket fire. Earlier in the day, the army deployed infantry and armored corps units to the Gaza border, and began calling up reservists from Iron Dome and intelligence units.


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