Israel: PM Netanyahu Threatening Complete Lockdown as Total Cases Rise to 2,369


Israel will have no choice but to implement a full closure even within the next few days unless there is an immediate improvement in the trend of the number of people infected with coronavirus, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Wednesday, minutes after the number of sick Israelis climbed to 2,369, according to the Health Ministry.

“The steps that we have taken here in Israel are being taken all over the world; however, they are not enough because the number of patients is doubling every three days,” the prime minister stated. “In two weeks we are liable to find ourselves with thousands of patients many of whom will be in danger of death.” 

“Therefore, I am already telling you,” he added, “that if we do not see an immediate improvement in the trend, there will be no alternative but to impose a complete lockdown, except for essential needs such as food and medicines. This is a matter of a few days. We are making all of the requisite preparations – logistical and legal.”

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