Israel Or Libya: Israeli Hotel bans woman from Pool for wearing modest swimwear


A Frum woman went to a birthday party event at the Yamit 2000 – a waterpark/spa in Tel Aviv.

Tehilla Drori says on her Facebook post after purchasing tickets to the spa she headed to the jacuzzi & sauna. That is where the fun began.

The security guard said she cannot enter with the modest swimwear. She explained it is the same material as standard swimwear but simply follows her religious guidelines but the guard didn’t care. She went to the manager – nothing helped. The park insisted she needs to wear specific types of swimwear.

Arutz7 reported The CEO of Yamit 2000 responded: “According to the order of the Ministry of Health, entrance to the spa is allowed only in a bathing suit. We don’t do any checking or feeling [of modest bathing suits to ensure the material is Lycra].”


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