Israel: Maternity ward exposed to measles

Newborn babies sleeping in hospital nursery

An unvaccinated new mother at the Poriya Medical Center in northern Israel was diagnosed Sunday evening with measles and placed in an isolation room, Kan 11 reported.

All 26 newborns in the nursery, their mothers, and the baby born to the infected woman were given immunoglobulin.

The infected woman gave birth Friday evening and broke out with a rash the next day. Examinations showed that she was ill with measles.

The hospital emphasized that the issue “is being dealt with and is under control. There is no danger to other new mothers or patients.”

According to the Ministry of Health, by February 14 there had been 3,505 confirmed cases of measles.

By March 18, the number had jumped to 3701 confirmed cases, for a total of 196 new cases in four weeks, or approximately 6 new cases every day.


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