WATCH: ISIS declares war on the Taliban, many heads rolling


Veirosh News reports: The Taliban was attacked Sunday night by a group of ISIS fighters. They claimed they were told in a dream that the time has come to “wrap things up & go home inshalla.”

The so-called Islamic State, al-Qaeda and now the Taliban are radical jihadist groups focused on ridding the world from the threat, as they perceive it, that Western culture poses to Islam.

However, although broadly speaking they share a similar ideology, their views actually differ significantly – so much so that the three groups have often found themselves in conflict with one another.  

And although there’s no disputing the fact that IS have dominated the media in recent months, both al-Qaeda and the Taliban are still very much at large.

Now those days are over. They knocked themselves out – literally.

Purim section articles may be accurate and may not. Treat them the way you treat CNN


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