Is Rise Up Ocean County Encouraging Violence?


Like it or not, hate speech is free speech. But violence, advocating violence or incitement is illegal.

As we all know, Rise Up Ocean County is an anti-Semitic group. Perhaps they started out on a journey to save the environment, limit traffic, save forests and reduce housing but they spiraled into an all-out offensive against the Jews.

Welcome to Golus.

What is concerning, to say the least, is: Recently Rise Up members have begun, what appears to be, promoting violence. Rise up admins at times go along and ‘like’ the comments, and at times try to calm it down. (Keep in mind, if you argue with them you get blocked) They have about 9 admins, so some may be more extreme than others…

Below, you see an admin likes the post.

Authorities from multiple agencies were contacted and GreaterLakewood can confirm an investigation is currently underway.

As reported previously on GreaterLakewood:

Here is a list of things ‘Rise up’ does to help with ‘over-populating Lakewood.’ Rise up…..

  • Takes photos of kids playing in playgrounds – creepy
  • Used Nazi Poems to describe Lakewood – they apologized
  • Volunteer for the fire and building inspectors, by writing down and reporting wherever they see multiple little kids going into a house for playgroup/daycare – Rise up themselves can’t report it but they encourage the group to. Note: Lots of details are given by local bus drivers that ‘know what’s going on and see it every day’.
  • Allegedly blackmailed the Jackson Mayor in order to not pass a resolution against them, they later removed the alleged blackmail but not before we saved screenshots – GreaterLakewood passed the findings on to the Attorney General’s office who found it ‘interesting’. ..
  • Disparages the Jewish morning prayer, one that has been said and will be said for thousands of years – Township officials were sent links to our story on it and expressed shock.
  • Is very concerned about R’ Eisemann’s trial and finds him guilty of theft – although the jury did not. – All in the name of ‘overpopulating lakewood’ – somehow.
  • Claims to not be aware of all the posts on their page and feels they have no responsibility for words written by other members on their page – legally incorrect. In addition, they have about 9 anonymous admins, so there is a solid chance one of the ‘members writing a post’ is one of them.
  • Implies multiple times that Jewish developers caused an elderly couple at fairways to get beat up – When all else fails, blame the Jews.
  • Gets info from some מתיונים וערב רב we have more information on that but cannot publish it at this time.
  • Makes up stories about Kids being left in cars to die & implies Jews drove over an African American kid on purpose – almost 20 years ago.
  • Is very concerned about our children’s safety taking pictures of buses driving quickly or doing anything they feel is ‘unsafe’. The only real criteria is: The bus needs to either have Hebrew letters or be from Jays. – even empty buses sometimes make it to their posts, why not!
  • Main admin was apparently locked up before and has a criminal record – very solid evidence due to a small slip up they made.
  • Calls GreaterLakewood Fake news.
  • Tried & failed to ‘bust’ kars-4-Kids
  • Has an obsession with Imperial Real Estate – seeks to find and compose, any and every issue.
  • When they get called out by an individual, they try to dig up dirt – as blackmail
  • Obsesses over ‘illegal’ basements
  • We would be more than happy to meet with any and every member of their group to have a discussion.

Authorities from multiple agencies were contacted and GreaterLakewood can confirm an investigation is currently underway.


  1. Translation Result
    she’s a riot Edit
    she’s a riot

    זי ס אַ טומל
    zi s a tuml

    What does Bissel mean in Yiddish?

    Yiddish Glossary – Kehillat Israel › docs › yiddish › yiddish
    A seemingly hopeful exclamation which is actually an admission of ….. Someone without a trade or a regular means of livelihood. Batog ….. He’s no good, worthless …… Riot ( Hebrew).

    There are many meanings for words. Some feel its a riot to see many dressed all the same.
    Sad riot I’ve heard used when things aren’t right. Such as maybe a person after person runs a red light, young men hitch hiking in the middle of the road or small children running around with no supervision. Its a sad riot.


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