INSANITY – EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT: 14 homes broken into in Prospect Vines, OC Sheriff on scene


Update: 4 Sheriff’s vehicles are in the Vines assessing the situation. The OC Sheriff is on scene as well.

For the 10th time in about as many weeks, multiple Lakewood homes were broken into Friday night.

The exact number is 14 – Law enforcement officers tell GL.

This week’s target was the Prospect Vines neighborhood. It is unclear as of yet if this is part of the ‘gang of three.’

Over 10 homes were broken into via an open porch door or unlocked window near the deck. One was forced entry.

Only cash was taken, no checks, silver or valuables.

LCSW asks all residents who had a break-in, regardless if anything was taken – file a separate police report. Call 732-363-0200 Extension 0

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The PD is apparently unhappy that GL is reporting on the uptick in crime. To be clear in no way is this reflective of the PD but rather the sad state of some of the town’s residents.

That is why Police Chief Meyer sent a safety message to The Lakewood Scoop on Friday but refuses to alert GreaterLakewood’s thousands of readers

Safety or politics? What is more important?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the men and women in Blue for all that they do to keep our town safe!!


    • We have to thank them for abusing us, giving us fines, scaring us, pulling over our wives on the way to Playgroup etc. etc. We have MUCH to thank them for.

      • What are those tickets for? Perhaps they should be giving more tickets, maybe people will drive just a little better. There’s a very good reason for police and traffic tickets.

  1. What is the big deal
    Why cant people learn to lock all doors and windows to their home and cars before they go to sleep. In Brooklyn everyone does that every night

  2. The quality of life in this town is in a free-fall. Let’s keep voting in the same shmoes and expect better results. It must be the water!!

  3. How is an uptick in crime not reflective of the PD. We had a tax increase to hire more police officers only to see crime continue to spike. Maybe more patrolling would help. I saw a police car patrolling today and almost went into shock. Seeing patrols should be a regular occurrence, but for some reason it only happens right after there is an incident

  4. I Bet The OVER 15>>>
    WON $480 for a $10 Wager!
    The VAAD is going to Introduce Crime Scratch Offs!
    Any Word from RUOC?

  5. As a resident of pine st area, which has been burglarized with impunity time and time again, it’s been suggested multiple times the possibility of an inside job. Hence, no police “developments or breakthroughs”. Will any official investigation results be released…?

    • Interesting theory. Worth noting that many residents feel unsafe as there isn’t much of a police presence. Some of our neighbors actually hired private security this past shabbos!

  6. This is absurd!
    We pay excessively high taxes and get no protection!
    No protection, no taxes. Someone will get the message if we all stop….

  7. Police Chief Meyer – do you work for the people of LKWD or a select few?!?!?!?
    We the people of lkwd pay your salary including the readers of this great website. So or forfeit your salary or start working for all.


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