Injury rates at Amazon’s NY center are ‘triple the average’


Injury rates at Amazon’s fulfillment center on Staten Island are more than triple the average for the industry, leaked documents obtained by Gizmodo reveal.

Jeff Bezos-owned Amazon reportedly submitted the numbers in its Occupational Safety and Health Administration 300 and 300a forms, which record injuries on an incident-by-incident basis and show yearly injury information, respectively.

At least 107 incidents – 103 injuries and four unspecified incidents – were reported at the Staten Island facility in 2018, which opened in September of that year and is often known as “JFK8.” The yearly document, 300a, was submitted at the end of 2018 and therefore only includes data for part of the year. OSHA identified the center as having a severity rate of 64 — “or over two months of missed work per reportable injury, on average,” according to the outlet. The severity rate is determined by dividing the number of lost days by reportable incidents, the outlet reported.


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