Indian Army shoots down Pakistan drone


Indian forces shot down a Pakistani drone on Saturday as it tried to enter Indian air space in Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.

A top defence officer said on condition of anonymity that the unidentified object, likely a small drone, was flying over the India-Pakistan international border and trying to enter Indian air space early on Saturday when it took anti-aircraft gunfire by Indian forces. It was shot down by ground troops in the area, the official added.

Another official said it was the third abortive attempt by Pakistan to send a secret service drone to India in recent days.

The Indian Air Force shot down a Pakistani military drone using an air-to-air missile on March 4 in the Bikaner sector of the India-Pakistan border. On February 27, a Pakistani drone was targeted by Indian defence forces, again in the Bikaner sector, while trying to enter Indian air space.


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