INCREDIBLE: Vietnam vet’s remains flown home by son 52 years later


It is never too late. 52 years late, an American hero’s remains finally returned home after going missing in 1967.

Travelers at Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas were able to witness the emotional moment a Southwest Airlines plane carrying the American airman touched down. According to a reporter who was present, the entire terminal fell silent as the scene unfolded.

Col. Roy Knight Jr. was shot down in combat in 1967 in Vietnam, Southwest Airlines confirmed. He reportedly ejected from the plane, but his parachute may not have deployed. A search was conducted for his body, but it was not found at the time.
His remains were recently found and identified, and a return trip to the United States was set up. Who initially discovered the remains was not shared.

Now, 52 years later, he was finally being returned. Even more amazingly, the pilot flying the plane was his son.


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