Incredible piece from Jewish woman to Omar & Tlaib about Rina Shenarb H”YD


The following was written by @b_dassah Twitter account and refers to the terror attack that killed Rina this past weekend.

“She was 17 Rina will never get married She will never hold her new baby in her arms She will never get to grow old with the people who love her Rina was 17 and had barely begun to live when her entire future was stolen from her Look at her beautiful face @RashidaTlaib where are your tears for this Jewish girl who was taken from her family? Where is your condemnation for the Palestinian terrorists responsible for her death? Do you not care? Why? Because she was a Jew? Where is your heart? Where is your soul?

Jews across the globe are mourning for Rina right now. From Australia to Ohio, we are crying for the sister we have lost. I didn’t know her. I never even heard her name before today. Regardless, my heart is shattered into a million pieces and my eyes are full of tears.

In Rina I see myself. In Rina I see my daughter In Rina I see my sisters, my friends, my family In Judaism we consider ourselves k’ish echad b’lev echad- like one person with one heart In this moment a piece of our collective heart has been torn away.

I pray for Rina I pray for her soul to find peace in the World to Come I pray for her family’s recovery I pray that God eases their suffering in this dark time I pray for Jews across the world, that we should see peace.

Finally, I pray for those that are ignoring what has happened. @RashidaTlaib@IlhanMN@DNC everyone on the Left or Right that is choosing to pretend this isn’t happening. I pray that God enables you to open your eyes and hearts to our suffering. #JusticeForRina”


  1. Putting a name and a face to these killings makes it more real for many of us. We are so far removed from the dangers others face on daily life. I am sorry for the loss of Rina. She was young, and beautiful. The world is a sadder place without her.


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