INCREDIBLE: One of the largest Instagram sheitel accounts closes down as ‘Karban for Klal Yisroel’


Tzipora Ehrman, one of the most popular Sheital machers, closed down her massive Instagram account.

In a message she wrote:

“I’m doing it for my family. I’m doing it for my entire family.

My dearest Jews all over the world. I don’t want to sit anymore and hope that some Jew somewhere will bring the Karban we all need so badly!!!

Instagram is my business space. It brought me hundreds of clients and tons of free PR.

But isn’t it Hashem who gives us the parnassah? Why would I think its been my work, my Instagram – gorgeous page.

It’s Hashem The same Hashem that took away all my business from this week and possibly next.

Thousands of dollars owed to me from clients who can’t get their wigs. I owe thousands to vendors and it’s sitting mid-air. But hey I have the best marketing skills.

I have an attractive Instagram page with zero work to show for myself.

Rabbanim ask us to sit at home and think about where this coronavirus has hit us.

In my own home I have a lot to work on and in my other home – my work – this is where I shall start.

Throwing away the Instagram famous page of “Tziporah Ehrman” and giving it up as a karban to Hashem.

And at this moment I am bawling my eyes out davening that maybe because this is the most heart wrenching, gut-wrenching thing for me to do that this karban is big enough to take away this virus from Klal Yisroel and bring Moshiach right away!!!

Heal those who are sick! Bench those who need parnassa!

Give Shalom Bayis to each and every home!

Give children to parents who are begging! Parents should have pure nachas from their children always!

My plea is I beg Hashem to continue to make me successful, to continue to have people trust me although they dont see it on Instagram.

I want customers who are loyal, customers who appreciate me. And not the hype.

I hope and I am sure Hashem can do that all, because he has been all this time.”


  1. Awesome! That is beyond special! As someone who used to be an avid instagrammer and gave it up two years ago cold turkey, i can only bt understand a drip of that sacrifice. Don’t downplay this anyone……this is tremendous sacrifice especially for a bussiness and I greatly applaud her! Hashem should bentch her and family with hatzlocha and only the good!! Same to all of klall yisroel! You go, girl!!!

  2. kol hakavod. fantastic.
    now lets admit it its time to end the custom, human hair prusteh pritzus sheitels. now! forever!
    who will be the first ones , the strong women to trash theirs?!.
    am not internet savvy but someone should set up a page[ or account – whatever its called :)]
    for chashuve women who are mekabel upon themselves to get rid of those sheitels.

      • it IS the platform. mitzvah gorreres mitzvah. when one woman breaks the norm , like this, theres inspiration and syatah dishmayah to take this further!!! THIS is the PLace, NOW is the time

  3. WoW! I don’t have an Instagram account but I could definitely understand the sacrifice your giving. Thanks for doing it for Klal Yisroel and also for the Chizuk. This is amazing!

  4. Kol Hakavod to Tziporah Ehrman!!!
    I, too stopped instagramming more than a year ago as a zechus for a Shidduch for myself. While I haven’t yet found the right one – I wholeheartedly believe that as I continue to stay away I am brining enormous Shefa and Brocha upon myself and Klal Yisroel – and of course giving Hashem tremendous Nachas Ruach.

    I can’t really begin to imagine the sacrifice – it’s good Hashem takes care of all that – because when He repays and gives B’Chesed – HE GIVES B’CHESED!!! It is always Midah K’neged Midah!

    May Hashem continue to give you Koach and to all of Am Yisroel to have the guts to do what in our hearts we know is the right thing to do.

    May Tziporah Ehrman and Family be Gebentched!!!!

  5. Wow, very special thing to do. I wonder how much business was coming from there anyway. Let’s see how many clients you lose from this. I mean this as a positive message that you recognized that this Instagram thing was all about hype and popularity and not about business. Thank you for doing this for klal yisroel, you shoud be blessed in all areas.

  6. The sheitels have gone way out of control. I applaud her for her courage and emunah.
    Let’s take it to the next level and ban ALL lace sheitels!!! I’m not saying that this is the reason for the situation, but it’s a start.


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