New Jersey’s largest news site posted today about the drama surrounding Rise Up Ocean County – a group on Facebook we cover extensively.

The writer Paul Mulshine began by referring to RUOC as a “group of anti-development activists.” Sorry, Paul perhaps that is what they claim – but are you for real? Have you been following them? Our hope is you are new to the scene and are simply ignorant.

Mulshine goes to say “even if all the above charges are true” referring to Murphy & AG Grewal’s comments on Rise Up’s antisemitic statements, “such expression is protected speech and therefore no business of Gov. Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.”

Mulshine then sided with a view – which even RUOC no longer has – that comments are not their responsibility. “I’d hate to be judged by the comments that crop up on my own website,” he wrote.

He then goes on to say Rise Up’s actual posts are about garden-variety zoning disputes! Saying, “they mostly concern a number of garden-variety zoning disputes.”

Mulshine concludes his article advising RUOC to get the Governor to “channel his inner environmentalist and oppose all those zoning changes” claiming Murphy needs Lakewood’s votes and that will never happen – and swinging at the Lakewood VAAD “A group of 11 elders called the Vaad interviews the candidates and makes its endorsements, which the voters wisely follow.”


One Twitter user ‘The Meturgeman’ commented “Once again Mulshine adopts a “see no evil, hear no evil” approach to anti-Orthodox bigotry. This Facebook page has literally posted that county officials are “selling out for a couple of Sheqels” but Mulshine runs with nothing but the admin’s insistence he isn’t a bigot.”

Adding, The ADL , Simon Wiesenthal , NewJersey OAG & GovMurphy all have said this site traffics in & promotes overt anti-Semitism. But Mulshine doesn’t see it. What he sees are “11 Jewish elders” who are manipulating the politicians to do their will. Trope much, Mulshine ?”

OPJAC responded saying “If a page such as Rise Up Ocean County agitates in its posts against a group of people, then the editors of the page can’t claim that the responses are just comments as it is the posts that generate those hateful comments. Secondly, if, as you suggest, that page only opposes building developments then one has to wonder why it rarely – if ever – mentions developments that don’t involve Hasidim in Lakewood and in the surrounding areas.”

Adding, “Third, if it is only about development, why does the page have anti-Hasidim items that are not about development? Fourth, if it is only about development in Ocean County, why does that page cross post anti-Hasidim items from a Facebook page in Rockland County which is a 90 min drive from Ocean, and items that are not about development? Mulshine, in your effort to take a shot at the Governor of NJ, you published a lazy article that whitewashes brazen anti-Orthodox bigotry. When the next hate crime hits Ocean, know that #YouDidThis!”

Another user Yossi Wolk, alleged Mulshine is inciting hate, writing “Sick, perverted op-ed. How can someone who calls himself a journalist write such a one-sided piece, without reaching out to ANYONE on the other side for an explanation?! Just accepting the guy’s own words to tell you he’s not anti-Semitic?? Mulshine – YOU are inciting hate!”

In conclusion, Mr. Mulshine and others who may be new to this, below is a quick “recap” on RUOC – See the facts first, then decide…

Here is a list of things ‘Rise up’ does to help with ‘over-populating Lakewood.’ Rise up…..

  • Takes photos of kids playing in playgrounds – creepy
  • SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: Rise Up Ocean County’s comments To The Horrific Monsey Attack
  • Blames Swastikas on…The JEWS!
  • Declares “war” against Jews
  • Used Nazi Poems to describe Lakewood – they apologized
  • Volunteer for the fire and building inspectors, by writing down and reporting wherever they see multiple little kids going into a house for playgroup/daycare – Rise up themselves can’t report it but they encourage the group to. Note: Lots of details are given by local bus drivers that ‘know what’s going on and see it every day’.
  • “Does AG Grewal wear a Yarmulka under his turban,” Alleges the AG is BRIBED
  • Allegedly blackmailed the Jackson Mayor in order to not pass a resolution against them, they later removed the alleged blackmail but not before we saved screenshots – GreaterLakewood passed the findings on to the Attorney General’s office who found it ‘interesting’. ..
  • Disparages the Jewish morning prayer, one that has been said and will be said for thousands of years – Township officials were sent links to our story on it and expressed shock.
  • Was very concerned about R’ Eisemann’s trial and finds him guilty of theft – although the jury did not. – All in the name of ‘overpopulating Lakewood’ – somehow.
  • Claims to not be aware of all the posts on their page and feel they have no responsibility for words written by other members on their page – legally incorrect. In addition, they have about 9 anonymous admins, so there is a solid chance one of the ‘members writing a post’ is one of them.
  • Implies multiple times that Jewish developers caused an elderly couple at fairways to get beat up – When all else fails, blame the Jews.Gets info from some מתיונים וערב רב we have more information on that but cannot publish it at this time.
  • Makes up stories about Kids being left in cars to die & implies Jews drove over an African American kid on purpose – almost 20 years ago.
  • Is very concerned about our children’s safety taking pictures of buses driving quickly or doing anything they feel is ‘unsafe’. The only real criteria is: The bus needs to either have Hebrew letters or be from Jays. – even empty buses sometimes make it to their posts, why not!
  • Main admin was locked up before and has a LONG criminal record, which is likely getting longer.
  • Calls GreaterLakewood Fake news.
  • Tried & failed to ‘bust’ kars-4-Kids
  • Cyber-bullies, and is in legal trouble…
  • Has an obsession with Imperial Real Estate – seeks to find and compose, any and every issue.
  • When they get called out by an individual, they try to dig up dirt – as blackmail
  • Obsesses over ‘illegal’ basements


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