Hey Amazon, ‘suspend the Asin NOT the Seller’ Ed Rosenberg petitions


A petition was created by Ed Rosenberg, an amazon sellers group leader to ban ASIN’S not sellers (product listings not businesses).

In the petition, Rosenberg explains “Here is the issue. If a seller receives one or two more of these “complaints”, Amazon will eventually destroy the entire business regardless of the size or how long they have been on Amazon. We think this is an overreach and ridiculous. Not only do we think that ALL Amazon account managers have told us they agree with us. Yes,  It’s OK to suspend the ASIN (item) even if the complaint is bogus, but why suspend and destroy the entire business? How does this affect the other 50,000 items. Currently, dozens of the TOP 500 accounts on Amazon are suspended for this insane reason.”

Recently Rosenberg interviewed an extremely successful Amazon seller who’s account was unfairly closed down, with no one to talk to.

The petition concludes, “There are currently thousands of businesses across the world that equals hundreds of thousands of employees that are being affected by these seller suspensions. This one change will affect the lives of perhaps hundreds of thousands of people.”



  1. The product doesn’t make itself nor puts itself on Amazon by itself. If you manufacture or sell fake products, you will be blocked from selling again, period. I hope those few guys who made it big selling 50,000 items on Amazon learnt a lesson. I once walked into a business office of someone who is an Amazon seller, I saw 10 internet modems installed on the wall, he explained to me how he has ten different IP addresses with ten different Amazon accounts under different names. I learnt one thing, when people make it big in business it’s easy to do shady business. Hashem can bring your entire empire with one small mistake. Be honest in business, and make sure to give lots of Tzedoko!

    • You are missing the point. Many sellers are shut down for BOGUS complaints.
      If i am worried that someone is getting too big on Amazon, I can just file a false complaint that one of his products are counterfeit. And presto, Amazon closes down his ENTIRE BUSINESS.
      If they did that after a serious investigation, it would be a different story. But that is the reason we are petitioning.

  2. @ Anoymous: Most Amazon sellers are not manufacturers, they are resellers. So maybe they were duped into buying bad items. If you buy a truckload you may not know the identity of every last item. Also, most times they aren’t suspended because they are fraud, rather a small detail in Amazon’s rules.

    Let the punishment fit the crime! Something like – you wouldn’t be happy if your kid was suspended for a year because he called out in class 🙂

    What you saw in your friend’s office probably was not to cover fraud, but rather a way to protect his business should he make a mistake.


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