Hate in Ireland: Anti-Semitic graffiti sprayed

via: @irelandisraelalliance

It seems this never ends. From England, to France to Congress, to Ocean County.

As reported here, R’ Elya Brudny recently addressed rising Anti-Semitism and said the following:

״You don’t have to be an avid news follower to realize that we are in a תקופה of open and unabashed anti-Semitism. This has been going on for months and perhaps quietly for years. It has not been out in the open to this extent since World War II, when preachers on the radio would openly spout this. However, it comes now from all sides. It comes from members of Congress; from white supremacists; and from left-wing liberals.

In the area of Lakewood, it is open and people who follow social media tell me that there are certain sites where people spout Real rabid anti-Semitism and say things like “kill the jews.” Sadly, we had a terrible reminder of this earlier this winter in Pittsburg. There is no apparent rhyme or reason for this uptick. This is not something that we can explain in political terms: America is right now in an economic upswing. This is clearly a message that we should take note of. Those who follow history know that the progression of anti-Semitism from a גחלת to a שלהבת to a להבה isn’t one of decades. Once it reaches a level of גחלת ,it can easily catch winds and fuel. משל בדרך look at the California raging forest fires that all began with one cigarette butt.

We have to learn השקפת התורה to learn what is demanded of us. What creates a והיה כאשר תריד and how do we achieve the antidote of כי תשא This is about unity in עבודת השם! We have to look to was Sheni Bayis as the גמרה tells us, תנו עיניכם בבירה שחזרה לראשונים ולא חזרה לאחרונים.

בית שני was about אחדות. We need a לך כנוס את כל היהודים and we need a וקבל היהודים. Instead, without even adversarial relationships, there is so much division. We are splintered. We lack feelings of connection from one Yid to the next and from one צבור to the next. These are terrible wake up calls. We really thought that it couldn’t happen here in America! We cannot ignore these messages. It has to begin somewhere with us and our families & with us and our shuls. We have to re-identify ourselves as part of a larger ישראל כלל ,as part of the מי כעמך ישראל גוי אחד בארץ. This is the מצות היום of Purim.

May the רבש״ע provide us with insight to understand how he is orchestrating current events and our situation בין האומות May we be זוכה to a משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה in this beginning of the חדשי הגאולה.”


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