Hate in Costco: Person tells Jewish family ‘Go to Bingo – you people’


Yesterday an orthodox Jewish family was shopping in Costco as many families were. A Woman went over to them and said ‘Go to bingo you people.’

Bingo is a Costco style Jewish superstore.

No-one should have to endure hate and harassment – especially in front of little kids.

When asked for comment, Costco said ‘we don’t comment on things like that.’


  1. The founder and Director of the board of Costco is a Jew who was very proud of having a bar mitzvah. For this reason some do not buy chometz there. If not for “us people” there would not be a Costco (not to mention other things).

  2. It doesn’t help when on Chol Hamoed, I saw a NY license plated car driven by a fully dressed chasidish person park his car right in front of the entrance and go inside. When I asked him about it, he brushed me off. When I said it causes antisemitism, he said, “Gut Yom Tov” and ignored me!

  3. I hope this person reported it. Its very important to report things so the ADL can keep track of anti semitic incidents.

  4. Next time is happens to someone just yell back who are you to tell me what to do go back to germany you Nazi, just shame them in public trust me they will run like a coward it works

    Don’t be silent while it’s happening and they will think twice before attempting again


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