UPDATED – HATE in Brick: Swastika in the Social Security office


A swastika was written at the Brick social security office. On it was written ‘our only hope for freedom.’ Clearly implying killing Jews is the only hope for ‘freedom.’

Brick Mayor Ducey told GreaterLakewood at this point the Brick Police Chief said “We checked all of our systems it seems this incident was never reported.”

Therefore, there is no investigation coming from the Brick Police department. The Mayor added though ‘It is very disturbing to see something like that in this day and age.’


  1. check the video cameras in the Social Security office. It’s not a big deal. Additionally, each ticket and its unique number – in this case B133 – in the Bricktown office is only provided only after an individual identifies himself for that unique number.

    • It is illegal…

      NJ law says:
      A person is guilty of crime of the third degree if he
      purposely, knowingly or recklessly puts or attempts to put another in
      fear of bodily violence by placing on public or private property a
      symbol, an object, a characterization, an appellation or graffiti that
      exposes another to threats of violence, contempt or hatred on the basis
      of race, color, creed or religion, including, but not limited to a burning
      cross or Nazi swastika. A person shall not be guilty of an attempt
      unless his actions cause a serious and imminent likelihood of causing
      fear of unlawful bodily violence.


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