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Do you slow down to read Lakewood's LED billboards or are you forced to stop by drivers that slowed down In front of you?
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    • That’s not true unfortunately. They do use your videos. I wish you would publicly denounce RUOC like you denounce the corruption in our town.

  1. I have been going by that billboard multiple times a day, and have been doing so way before it was installed. The area is generally backed up regardless, however it has not gotten worse since installed.
    Btw how much did Bingo pay to be the advertisement on the picture?

  2. HH, I’ve been following you for years and I really take what you say seriously. You are the one who, years ago, first made me aware of the shenanigans going on in Lakewood. You turned me into a much more informed citizen of Lakewood. However, I must say that I never agreed with your opposition to these billboards. They don’t bother me, as long as they’re not put up in residential areas and just stay where they are at this time.

  3. I don’t really notice the bill boards and I rarely drive that way because of the traffic. But, I do not like the idea of those billboards blotting the landscape.


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