GreaterLakewood Responds to RUOC


Read Rise Up’s Purim message HERE

There are those who rise up against our people in every generation, Displaying intolerance and bias with their hateful machinations.

But as our holiday of Purim once again draws near, We strive to spread warmth, friendship, and good cheer.

Holidays may commemorate events from the past, And seem strange to some who are more narrowcast.

Just as Shushan was rid of evil, and peace prevailed through Mordechai and Queen Esther. We, Jews, also see our holidays as powerful messages for the future.

A meaningful day of prayer for us, hidden among food and drink, To bring peace and respect to all as a world groupthink.

And so, we celebrate and appreciate kind gestures and wishes from all, For to benefit our communities, let there be understanding overall.


  1. Is their any truth to the rumor that Bitzur a division of mossad was called and an effort to get them involved to help with RUOC is underway? Supposedly they are operating in NJ on other tasks as well.


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