GOING FOR FRUM VOTES? Trump Hotel Offers Glatt Kosher Food


Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC recently just launched a glatt kosher menu that includes chicken, and beef, as well as bisli and chips, reports the Jpost.

Additionally, they offer about a dozen Kosher wines.

JPost says main courses are sold between $105 to $125, not cheap for a single person meal excluding drinks. Israeli snacks are sold for $7.

The food and beverage director at the hotel Daniel Mahdavian, told the Post “Iā€™m planning a trip to Israel to learn more about street food and also find other wineries that we can partner with to bring to here,ā€ adding, One of the ideas that we had was to work with other well-known Israeli chefs who can come here and cook for a month. We want to expand the idea and maybe to open a pop-up restaurant with someone from Israel.ā€

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  1. The sad part is, it might actually work. People in our community sometimes vote for such frivolous reasons that this might be enough. The am chacham venavon, who learn Gemoro with Tosfos, seem to have forgotten how to approach topics with nuance, understanding and a broader picture. Everything is a sound byte or a narrow cheshbon, focused on one small part of the issue.


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