UPDATE: Dr Rich Roberts Publishes Brochures Stressing The Importance Of Vaccinations, cost 110K


Shlomo Shorr of the Lakewood Shopper tweeted: In an interview, noted philanthropist Dr. Rich Roberts tells me he spent $110,000 to print and distribute 192,000 pamphlets containing 24 pages of letters from Jewish Rabbis stressing the importance of vaccinating.

Roberts also explained why he felt a pamphlet would be the most effective.
“I have come to realize that the vast majority of the anti-vaxxer followers dont have access to electronic media, don’t read secular newspapers and many of them, but by no means all, don’t speak Yiddish.”

The 24 page PDF begins with saying ‘almost all Gedolim letters regarding vaccinations have stated that everyone must get vaccinated as a chiyuv in halachah’. The letter provides letters from Gedolim supporting vaccinations, and Dr Roberts teaches ‘the fundamental principles of medical science, show yet another example of the Torah’s eternal wisdom, and provide the positions of medical doctors.’

There are a number of Gedolim who are anti-vaxxer as well. R’ Elya Ber Shlita, R’ Malkiel Shlita and a few others as well.

GL Exclusive: Anti-Vaxxers responses – Part 1

R’ Elya Brudny on vaccinations, compilation of letters from Rabbanim – to vaccinate


    • That does not mean every baal habayis is against the Torah. You can have Bnei Torah with Daas Balei Baatim & Baalei Baatim with Daas Torah.

  1. Dr Roberts pretends as though he will portray both sides of the story but then goes in to say there are no two sides. Perhaps when he calls there are not two sides. Maybe anyone talking to him are scared of a PR smear campaign against them

  2. The smarter elements get the government to pay for these campaigns. For example CHEMED gets a quarter of a million dollars a year specifically to promote vaccines. This way they could fund calenders and vaccine clinics.

    • of course it won’t as he is not including the truth about vaccines in it.
      Using Gedolim for politics / an agenda is definitely NOT the way to go

  3. Dr. Roberts produced a never-seen-before letter, dated August 2009
    . On the roster of Rabbanim is lists three signatures of deceased
    Rabbanim and obviously cannot attest to the veracity of this letter. At
    least one signatory, R’ Simcha Bunim Cohen, denies ever seeing this letter
    Is it possible that the reason that this letter never saw the light of day
    is due to another reason? See attached response form R’ Shlomo Miller and R’
    Shmuel Kaminetzky dated a full year before the one Roberts churned out
    (Sept. ’08).
    See, and decide for yourself who is providing “misinformation”.

    “מה שכתב לעמעלה אינו כפי ד”ת

    (שלמה אליהו מילר)

    We, the undersigned, are of the opinion that, since it is universally
    recognized that vaccines can cause sever adverse reactions and deaths,
    halachically no one can be forced to vaccinate his children, and every
    parents (sic) retains the right to choose whether to vaccinate of not
    vaccine his children. Within the limits of the law, schools should accept
    non-vaccinated children without discrimination.
    S. Kaminetzky Shlomo Miller

    • Why is GL the only frum site that allows the truth to be known: that there are many gedolim – including the most senior Litvish Rosh Yeshiva in the country – that paskin that schools should not exclude non-vaccinated children, and that there is another side to the vaccine story.

      When I see clearly that something that I know for a fact is being presented incorrectly, it makes me realize that everything on the other sites is, possibly, untrue.

      Reliable unfake news is rare.

  4. As someone who is very much pro-vaccination, I must say that while I applaud the mans efforts, he is not going to get anywhere with that condescending attitude. He may be wealthy and he may be a medical professional but he clearly has no idea how to do PR. Good luck to him though!

    • It was actually read cover to cover by MANY anti-vaxxers. When many lies are spotted, things are twisted and some Rabanim do not even know about letters publicized in their names, it doesn’t help.\
      It strengthens their claims and makes them see time and again that the promoting of vaccines come with a bunch of lies!


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