G-7 weekend: Expects lots of drama

Getty Images

With the annual G-7 summit set to take place this Saturday, senior administration officials told reporters in a briefing call Thursday that Trump planned to “frankly” discuss sticking points among G-7 nations including trade, a digital services tax and NATO spending obligations.

Trump’s refusal to agree to a joint view of the climate threat and an agenda to confront it roiled the first two G-7 meetings he attended, in Italy in 2017 and in Canada last year.

The French resort town of Biarritz saw 13,000 saw the deployment of 13,000 officers seen as heavy-handed by opponents.

An authorized demonstration by charities, climate change campaigners and leftist groups will take place on Saturday, but 20 miles from the luxury Hotel du Palais in Biarritz where the leaders will gather.

Thousands of people are expected to march from the seaside town of Hendaye over the border to Irun in Spain, where another 3,000 police officers are set to be on duty.


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