Updated – FLYING SOLO: Lakewood man to protest pride month at BlueClaws, Roshei Yeshiva against it


Note: The original article was approved by Mr Richter before publishing.

Thursday Update: Mr Richter told GL, his acting rabbi is R’ Yehuda Levin who confirmed he will indeed appear at the protest.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Update: Sources tell GL, they spoke with the BMG Roshei Yeshiva and have confirmed they are not maskim to making a public protest.

As reported previously, the Mr. Richter is flying solo. He is doing this on his own without getting the approval of Lakewood daas Torah. People are outraged. GL was contacted by many, many people who all said the same thing. ‘If the Rabbanim say we should protest, of course we will go! But no one should take matters into their own hands.’ Others went more the ‘askanus route’ – saying actions have ramifications and people who deal with ramifications should decide on actions.

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Mr. Richter of Lakewood is a 25-year-old man who is not a Rabbi. He is what many consider to be an extreme ‘activist,’ who takes matters into his own hands. He is a strong follower of R Yehuda Levin and is a kind and friendly person. His views though are extreme and do not represent anyone other than himself.

Hurricane Sandy, Lakewood had hurricanes, That is what happens when we do bad things. I need to speak up


Mr. Richter in the past protested at the Lakewood library, at the planned parenthood facility in Philidelphia holding signs that read ‘baby holocaust’ and is extremely passionate about morals and values. He is unique, though, in how he expresses them.

GreaterLakewood spoke with Mr. Richter who confirmed he wants to protest by himself. He does not need people nor does he need a crowd. If people want to join, great but it does not matter to him.

Mr. Richter stressed to GL, If anyone joins, they must not get violent. He added that no Rabbi has given him the green light on this protest. (Other than Rabbi Levin who will probably not be attending)

Using daas Torah based off a letter R’ Moshe Feinstein wrote 30 years ago was Mr Richter’s justification for holding the event.

GreaterLakewood asked why doesn’t he get an OK from the town’s leading Rabbis? His response was I should, I sent someone, etc – No clear, concise answer.

GL confirmed the letter below was written by Mr. Richter himself – No Rabbi had any part in it. One man (We will not publish his name yet) sponsored food in an effort to get youngsters to partake in the event.

Mr. Richter asked GL to add to the article that he is a Great Grandson of R’ Herman of ‘all for the boss’ and is trying to follow in his ways. Adding ‘R’ Levin I am machshiv but that is not where this comes from.”


  1. i know this sweet guy personally, he is a true ilui who is fluent in the entire tanach by heart


    • GL is a news site. We have opinion pieces as well which the library piece was an example of. When we write an opinion piece of feature one, it says clearly OPINION.

      Read our ‘about page’ we are unbiased and report facts except when it’s against our religion…

      As stated in the Library article https://veltnews.com/opinion-its-time-to-throw-the-book-at-the-public-library-close-them-down/
      The Torah commands us to be kind and respectful etc. to all people regardless of faith, race, gender or religion – The library article said nothing against having LGBT books. Just don’t flaunt it in our kids faces and require us to fund it etc.
      So we as Religios Jews are against Gay activities but not against them as people. Making a movement to make us recognize them as something they are not, infringes on our basic freedoms as well. This point is made by Good Old Ben Shapiro. Contact us directly if you want to delve further into this.
      if a group of people does something contrary to our belief in a private place, knock yourself out. It’s a free country.
      If Dems gather to call to impeach Trump, do what you want. Although there I suppose RUOC people such as yourself may indeed attend a protest.

  2. Well said GL but I dont think you should be taking this gentleman too seriously….

    Making this a “News Story” gives credence to him. Let him do his little protest and the public can see who he is…

  3. In the company where I work, we have a rule: you can say what you want to someone else, as long as you say it respectfully. I made a respectful reply earlier and it was not posted. I am very sorry to see that in this site, as well, there is no freedom of speech. I thought that you guys would be different from TLS. I guess that I was wrong.

  4. Why would anyone bring their child or children to a Gay Pride Parade. Organizations are free to do as they please. But I would not attend or support it. Our children are being exposed to nothing but garbage. They teach about gays but have a fit if God is mentioned.

  5. Eh, I think that as long as it is in the Blue Claws, and out of sight, it should be okay. I would not like anyone to tell me that I am not allowed to practice my religion, as it is a free country. They can be as sinful as they want as long as they aren’t hurting me or forcing me to join their activities. The “kids” part is also just fear mongering. It’s unfortunate, but every community suffers from child abuse. There have been Jews, Catholics, Atheists, and all kinds of people convicted for child abuse. Just understand that that is the individuals decision, and that the community does NOT accept those action.

  6. Why was my comment not posted? Why are you shaming this man? He’s standing up to the toeivah movement. You may not like his tactics but the community is certainly not “outraged.”

  7. what!!! “We as religious Jews are not against them as people” is Ben Shapiro your Das Torah? I’m pretty sure there was a mabul because of these people – get your hashkafos straight…

  8. R Yehuda Levin is right about this topic
    Sadly Lakewood is not doing anything about this topic..
    worse they are promoting politicians- who support horrible moral values
    Listen to a few tapes from The Gadol HAdor R Avigdor Miller ZTL
    and you will get some sense on this topic
    GL please post this

  9. OF course they are against the protest
    it will harm getting $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


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