First it’s Kippa Emojis, Now an organization is working on Torah Emojis


The organization ‘Sefaria’ wanted to reach more and younger people, to get them to use the resources on its website. They thought that a Torah emoji would put a kinder, gentler face on Jewish scholarship.

Sefaria’s chief marketing and engagement officer said they simply wanted to do something fun.

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But designing a tiny graphic Torah comes with so many questions. Open or closed? Sephardic style (standing up in a cylindrical case) or Ashkenazic style (with two wooden dowels)? Should there be hands holding it? If there are hands, then what skin tone should they be? Men’s hands or women’s hands?

It can take over a year for a new emoji to be approved by the non-profit Unicode Consortium which is the organization that approves new emojis. 


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