Eyeing 2020, Trump fights hard for Louisiana Governor


Perhaps Trump couldn’t ‘bailout’ Bevin in Kentucky, but he ‘all in’ in the Louisiana race. A huge rally last night, calling into a local popular radio show, recording robo-calls, heading to a football game – all to unseat Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Politico reports Republican strategist Alex Castellanos, who has worked on an array of gubernatorial races, pointed out that Tuesday’s results weren’t all bad for the president, noting that the party swept Kentucky’s other statewide contests.

But “Trump’s problem,” Castellanos said, “is that a loss is still a loss.”

“Now Louisiana is the tie-breaker and Trump has put his name on the ballot,” he said. A defeat would mean that “Trump will have lost two out of three states he won big” in 2016.


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