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It’s official: Right bloc 65, left bloc 55, Bennett is out

RollerCoaster: Bennet short 1,380 votes, Right bloc shrinks to 64, UTJ & Bennet demand recount

Bennett Makes it: With 80% of soldiers votes in, Bennett clears threshold, Right bloc grows to 67, UTJ loses a seat

Israeli Elections: Voting ended, Where do we stand now?

it’s (almost) official: With chareidim in, Kulanu joins, Lieberman confirms, making Bibi the Prime Minister for a 5th term

Chareidim win BIG: turnout high, 99% in Modi’in Illit

On the brink: Bennett Short a few thousand votes, soldiers votes may save him and make Arab party dip below threshold

GL Analysis – Netanyahu will likely be the next Prime Minister

LIVE UPDATES – FINAL UPDATE – Israeli Elections: With 97% counted, Likud 37, Gantz 36 Shas 8 UTJ 8 – Bibi will be Next Prime Minister

Israeli Elections 101, Understanding the Israeli election process

WATCH: Sar Hatorah R’ Chaim Kanievsky voting Today

Trouble: Netanyahu, Yesha Council hold emergency meeting over low turnout

52% Of Israelis voted as of 6PM Israeli time

All sharing the same ‘trick’: Parties chlaim they are ‘losing’ to get everyone to get out and vote

Fake news: Graphic shows Palestinians cannot vote ‘settlers’ can to expose bias


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