Exposing the GOOD: Meet Lakewood’s EZ SHARE Gemach


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As the winter season comes to an end and the beautifully matched winter clothing that you chose for your children are put away in the clhoset… Sometimes they are saved for the younger siblings, but often times they are not, and end up sitting in the closet waiting for Moshiach – they may be in good condition, but too hard to give away! After all, people work very hard putting together their kids wardrobes, lots of time and effort is put in to find cute and matching outfits for all the children, and to just drop it off somewhere without knowing where it’ll end up, or knowing it’ll end up somewhere without being a set anymore, it’s hard to give it away like that.

However, with EZshare, it feels extraordinarily satisfying when giving away your past seasons clothing.

EZshare is a gemach that matches up people looking to give away their past seasons clothing (Shabbos or weekday) to people that want them. EZshare tells GreaterLakewood: “I pair them up with a family that is one size smaller – and like this, after the winter season they just give it away, so by the time the next winter season comes the person has it already, she knows what she has and what else she has to buy.”

Think of the pleasure that it gives to a family just like yours – but a year or two younger – to receive a ready coordinated set of clothing for their children to wear!

EzShare was founded less than two years ago, and by now has a huge data of people giving and receiving. For instance, a family with two girls ages 6 and 4, will be matched with a family that also has two girls, ages 5 and 3; and so on and so forth with boys and girls of all ages.

At this point, anyone calling to give away their clothing is matched up with a family right away.

How does it work?

Contact us with the gender and size of each of your children. You then get entered into a database as either giving or receiving clothes (some people do both). When an exact or close match is found both parties are contacted and put in touch with each other. “I don’t deal with their clothing, I just pair them up and give them each other’s phone numbers and from there they are in touch with each other. Sometimes it’s a one-time thing but usually the two families stay in touch with each other.”

Who is the gemach for?

Anyone! You don’t need to qualify. Everyone likes to dress their kids well and this just makes it easy to share.

Contact EZ Share

Call: 732-276-5431
Email: easysharenj@gmail.com

GreaterLakewood is proud to launch a series on highlighting the good in ocean county. Know an organization or individual for us to highlight? Contact us HERE



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