UPDATES – Israeli elections: Bibi reaches out to Gantz, UTJ Talks with Gedolim


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3:00 PM: Channel 12 News reported that MKs from UTJ’s Degel Hatorah faction will visit Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky’s house on Thursday evening to discuss joining a coalition with Lapid. Agudas Yisroel faction will do the same with their Rabbanim, next week.

10:00 AM:Israeli media is reporting Netanyahu reached out to Gantz to start negotiations on forming a joint administration.

Gantz rebuffed the idea, calling it spin. He said he wanted a unity government – but only one led by him.

Lieberman has been calling for a unity government with Likud, Blue and White, and his own party. However, Between Likud and Blue and white, there are more than enough seats for form a coalition. They do not need need Lieberman.

9:00 AM With most soldiers votes counted and only 50K votes to go, Blue & White – Gantz’s party, picked up a seat. Lieberman lost one.

This is where things currently stand:

Blue & White 33 Likud 31 Joint List 13 Shas 9 UTJ 8 Lieberman 8 Yamina 7 Labor 6 Meretz 5.

It also appears Netanyahu’s last-minute ‘get out to vote’ saying the Arab’s are all voting, indeed brought them out in droves. Arab participation was up 20% from just a few months ago.

The left-bloc has 57 and right-bloc has 55. Lieberman is still the ‘kingmaker.’


5:15 PM: It is integral to note the IDF votes were not yet counted. Another 250K or so votes are to be tallied over the coming days. Generally, the IDF votes right, possibly adding another 1-2 seats to the right-bloc.

2:00 PM With 95 percent of the votes counted, these are the preliminary (though still unofficial) results:

Blue and White – 33
Likud – 32
Arab Joint List – 12
Shas – 9
Yisrael Beytenu – 8
United Torah Judaism – 8
The parties formerly known as Yamina – 7
Labor-Gesher – 6
Democratic Camp – 5

11:00 AM Arutz7 is reporting a right-wing bloc was formed headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu. The intention is twofold A) Makes negotiations much easier. One team of negotiators talk for all 55 or so seats. B) Squashes rumors that Likud will replace Netanyahu as per Lieberman’s request – according to Israel Hayom.

Lieberman said that “the picture is clear… There is only one option and it’s a broad liberal unity government” comprising of Likud, Blue and White and his own Yisrael Beitenu.

Update: With 63% of the vote in, Likud has 25.03% followed by Blue & White with 25.66%.

Arutz7 reports Netanyahu spoke and said “I’d rather lose my voice than lose the country.”

“At this time, the State of Israel needs a Zionist government,” Netanyahu declared. “There will not be and cannot be a government that relies on anti-Zionist Arab parties that deny the very existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Parties that glorify and praise the bloodthirsty terrorists who murder our soldiers, our citizens.”

Channel 12 reported on Wednesday morning, quoting real but “unofficial results” with over 91% of the ballots counted.

According to the report, Blue and White would receive 32 seats each, Likud 31, the Joint List 12, Shas and Yisrael Beytenu 9, UTJ 8, Yamina 7, Labor-Gesher 6 and the Democratic Union 5.

It looks increasingly likely that Netanyahu will receive 53-56 seats – below the 61 needed to form a coalition without Lieberman. However, Gantz would need Lieberman and the Arab parties – something which is nearly impossible.

President Rivlin will then be in position to make some interesting decisions…

There are 3 exit polls – note last elections exit polls were not accurate. 61 are required to have the majority.

Channel 12

  • Gantz/Lapid : 34
  • Likud: 33
  • Arab parties : 11
  • Lieberman : 8
  • Shas : 8
  • UTJ : 8
  • Yamina : 8
  • Labor : 5
  • Democratic union: 5
  • Otzma 0

In this scenario leaving Lieberman out, the right receives 58 seats the left receives 44 plus the Arabs – 55. It comes down to Lieberman …Again!

Channel 11

  • Gantz/Lapid : 32
  • Likud: 32
  • Arab parties : 12
  • Lieberman : 10
  • Shas : 9
  • UTJ : 8
  • Yamina : 7
  • Labor : 5
  • Democratic union: 5
  • Otzma 0

In this scenario leaving Lieberman out, the right receives 56 seats the left receives 54. It comes down to Lieberman …Again!

Channel 13

  • Gantz/Lapid : 33
  • Likud: 31
  • Arab parties : 13
  • Lieberman : 8
  • Shas : 9
  • UTJ : 8
  • Yamina : 6
  • Labor : 6
  • Democratic union: 6
  • Otzma 0

In this scenario leaving Lieberman out, the right receives 54 seats the left receives 58. It comes down to Lieberman …Again!

Avigdor Liberman is a right-wing Kahana style guy. However, he is anti-Chareidi. Lieberman prefers a government with Netanyahu, Gantz, and his Yisroel Beitanu party – leaving the Chareidim out. That, however, is not something Netanyahu agreed to the last election.

Something must give. But first, we need to see who wins at the top. If Likud receives more votes than Blue & White, Bibi will likely be the next Prime Minister. If Gantz gets more seats, is it doubtful Lieberman would choose Gantz over Netanyahu.


  1. The truth is: let’s all face it…. HASHEM runs The world and all these groups and politicians are just Hashems actor messengers to do what Hashem has already decreed will happen in the future
    1)which countries will have peace or vice versa C”V with Israel
    2)when mashiach will come

    Stop letting your corrupt human mind fool you into thinking that reina rules Jackson or Trump runs America they are all just Hashems messengers.

    May we all do teshuva together as a nation ASAP so we can all meet the king of kings with the coming of mashiach very soon


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