EXCLUSIVE: Ocean County Prosecutors office is ‘hiding’ hateful anti-semitic comments



GreaterLakewood reported after the story circulated about the girl who was r”l niftar after being left in a car, hateful, vile, Anti-Semitic people came out in droves.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s page has over 700 nasty comments – probably a historic high. RUOC, as well as other platforms, have a massive amount of comments – all with one main theme: Jews don’t take care of their Kids. ‘They have so many – who cares anyway’ and the like.

GreaterLakewood Spoke with the Ocean County Prosecutors office requesting they censor hateful, sick comments. The office started explaining hate speech is legal but GL quickly reminded them of the NJ Attorney General’s letter to Facebook recently condemning Hate speech (Yes, Legal Hate Speech). They promised to censor comments by 5 PM…


GreaterLakewood remained in contact with the Ocean County prosecutors office today. GL stressed that hate speech, although it may be legal, should not be allowed on a Government platform – specifically a law enforcement one!

They confirmed ‘as we speak’ they are ‘going through the comments (over 1,000 by now) and added ‘anything off topic or hateful we hide.’


  1. NJ’s AG & Governor, etc. are out against Lakewood (Eisman, ant-Semitics, etc., school funding etc.) Cause Lakewood voted for Trump as POTUS. (Also some small amount of anti-Semitism)

  2. Incorrect! Stop your conspiracy theories and let everyone abide by the law. I am not speaking to any specifics ie eisman etc as he may be innocent but let us recognize that we are in galus and we have to be extra careful to abide by the laws, rules and regulations.


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