Exclusive BOMBSHELL: Jackson Council President Nixon says no resolution on hate group due to ‘short notice’, Docs prove otherwise


During the Jackson council meeting about two weeks ago, Michael Cohen from the Simon Wiesenthal center was speaking. In the middle of the speech, Mr. Nixon – the council president – attempted to tell Mr. Cohen how he agrees there is no room for Anti-semitism… and the reason for not bringing up the resolution to a vote, was because he didn’t receive information on ‘rise up’ with enough time… and ‘procedure in Jackson does not allow for it to just go on, once the agenda is public…’

In case you are from ‘rise up’ and you want to call us fake news again – you can listen to the audio below.

However, documents reveal that the Township & Mr. Nixon knew about ‘rise up’ at least 12 Days before the council meeting. That is well before the agenda was made public and with sufficient time to discuss it internally – as was indeed done, per our docs.

Mr. Nixon was apparently untruthful. Why?
Furthermore, why indeed did he not bring the resolution up for a vote and why the coverup?

Mr. Nixon in the past has come under fire for ‘obsessing’ over residents who prayed peacefully in their home and Fighting against the LCSW amongst other things – all exposed via OPRA requests.

Requests for comment went unanswered.



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