EU Court to decide whether to label Israeli products from the ‘settlements’


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) will likely decide next week whether European law requires the discriminatory labeling of Jewish goods from disputed Israeli territories. Meanwhile, a series of articles have been spreading misinformation or “fake news” about the case quoting anonymous Israeli officials, and therefore the record has to be corrected.

The case originated when the European Commission issued a non-binding notice claiming that European Union guidance requires labels on food products from eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank and Golan Heights that originate in Jewish “settlements” to include the derogatory indication “Israeli colony” or equivalent terms. Psagot Winery, supported by The Lawfare Project and represented by esteemed French Supreme Court Lawyer François-Henri Briard, sued the French government for its discriminatory application of the notice.

This undeniably discriminatory approach seems to ignore the Oslo Accords, which expressly did not create a Palestinian state, but provided for both Israelis and Palestinians the same legal rights to live in the disputed territories until the Israeli government and Palestinian Liberation Organization reached a final agreement through negotiations.

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