EPIC MOVE: Anti-vaxxer event in Brooklyn will have 4 photographers snapping pics of every person


YWN published what they say is an ad from the C.F.E.A.V.F.O.S. (Committee For Exposing Anti Vaxxers For Our Safety). The ad states 4 photographers will be in attendance at tonights anti-vaxxer event at Ateres Chynka.

The photos will be disseminated across social media platforms ‘so we can protect our families.’


  1. i don’t understand what’s all the intimidation all about?
    Why not have an open debate?

    All my kids are up to date with their shots…
    But anyone who puts his total trust in the pharmaceutical industry is a טיפש!!

    Open free debate can only help!

  2. The intimidation raises doubts.
    In any case, what if I want to attend, but my children are vaccinated?
    The Jews were always persecuted, they had something that others did not have (something better).
    Obviously, this case is not exactly that, but, psychologically, it plants seeds in my mind and makes me wonder if there is something to the other side, and someone, who is very afraid of that being exposed.
    Maybe, that someone, has a negiyus that compels them to go to such extents?
    Maybe, motives that are not 100% pure, not 100% for our “benefit”?
    It has happened, more than just once or twice, in the pharmaceutical world…

  3. You think this will stop people from showing up? It won’t. I would be grateful for someone to take my picture there. I will be happy to share the story of my child’s vaccine injury.

  4. You think this will intimidate people, keep them from showing up? It won’t. I would be happy for you to take my picture. I will gladly share the details of my child’s vaccine injury.


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