EPIC: Airbnb tourist got a ‘clean room’ with a ‘private bathroom’ – turned out to be a shipping container!


According to Amsterdam news network AT5, British traveler Ben Speller paid €134 (US$150) to rent a “Clean Home in Amsterdam with Private Bathroom,” which was categorized as a cottage.

By the looks of the guest’s Facebook post, the listing only had one picture, which depicted the iconic I Amsterdam logo, so imagine his shock when he realized he was expected to sleep in a plain white shipping container with a tiny toilet and a makeshift bedroom.

The guest remarks that Airbnb refunded him after the host refused to do so.Airbnb has since confirmed with Gizmodo that “Jacob” and his listings have been removed from its website. “Misrepresented or fraudulent listings have no place on our platform,” a spokesperson adds.


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