ENGAGEMENT PARTY: Lakewood Police Have it all wrong – residents say


Lakewood police said they busted an engagement party with people gathered outside and inside – including 6 children.

Police called this an ‘engagement party’ and charged 10 people with summonses.

Of course, this story quickly became national news that “Jewish” Lakewood does not comply with local law and its residents do as they please.

Now, here is the real story – from individuals there.

At about 4 PM a young couple got engaged. Due to the virus, this is how they celebrated their “major engagement.”

The ticket says “wedding” – a further display of the PD’S total incompetence.

The kids that lived in the Kallahs house (her siblings) were on the front porch. 5 married siblings were in their cars. Some kids were also in a minivan.

Siblings in cars at the “engagement party”

The summons called it a ‘wedding’ and it charged a 99-year-old man married to a 21-year-old woman. In reality, the man was 27 years old but the officer wrote the date as his birthday, so the following day they released a report saying he was 99!

WIt sounds like a fantastic national story and an epic engagement party!

Lately, Lakewood has become victim to antisemitic attacks from across the nation thanks to false reports and simple hatred. It reached a point where the Governor of New Jersey condemned the hate saying “There is a special place in hell for the small minority that do this during this crisis.”

2 days ago News12 reporter Kurt Siegelin wrote an article alleging Lakewood has private schools running with buses… In a tweet, he wrote “Police in Toms River stop a school bus full of kids from Lakewood. Apparently the school is still “open” despite mandatory shutdown. See the video on News 12 New Jersey.”

After being slammed for his complete and utter fake news, he apologized writing, “I’m going to start by apologizing to the people of Lakewood. In vetting a story, I screwed up yesterday. There were many reasons the tweets went out, but the responsibility is ultimately with me. It’s my account. I have a brand to protect. I regret it. I’m sorry for any pain or distrust the tweets created for residents who saw it. Mistakes were made.”

This is a sensitive time for Lakewood, and for the Police to keep the fake news train going, is simply reckless.

Tonight Lakewood Mayor, Ray Coles is set to speak at 8 PM on…News12NJ.


  1. I don’t get it. Why did the cop write 05-01-20? Even if he’s referring to today’s date, he’s off by a month! What kind of incompetent cop is this??

  2. Lets not forget threat we are paying these guys a hefty sum to keep us safe. When they use their position to create backlash against our community (while we know their track record on crime 🙁 ) it gives them a real bad reputation in the community. No coffee with a cop can fix this.

    I hold the chief accountable for this. This would have been unheard of in the days of Lawson.

  3. So I have to admit, I was someone who instantly made a judgement about this, too. For whatever reason, I looked again today and found this article. And now I feel like a bit of a shmuck. Just what exactly happened? If there is a mistake on the Doc with the date, and that ’99 year old man’ has now made the news, how many other mistakes are there? Was anyone there? Someone has to correct this…stay safe my friends!


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