Eagle Ridge Plans To Be Presented Tonight… Finally


Plans for the Eagle Ridge project, “The Parke”, will be presented tonight, April 2, to the Lakewood Planning Board for approval, at the Lakewood Municipal Building, 231 3rd Street, at 6:00 p.m.

As reported here a few weeks ago, the planning board meeting, which was supposed be presented in the beginning of March, was postponed due to potential conflicts of interests and because two board members could not make it.

According to the Planning Board attorney, John Jackson, only four of the nine planning board members are eligible to vote, due to potential conflicts. However, this does not indicate a conflict in one way over the other. For instance, two of the members own homes in the Fairways community, and the Fairways residents are opposed to the influx of traffic that the project will bring.

If the general development plan gets approved this Tuesday by the planning board, that is just the first step – it will still need a series of approvals before construction can begin.


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