DWI Crackdown: NJ law to require breath device to turn car on


NJ.com reports, A bill mandating all DWI offenders use interlocks passed the state Senate by a vote of 28-5 and the state Assembly by a 75-2 vote this past Thursday.

It now heads to Gov. Murphy to decide whether the bill should be turned into law.

The device works as follows: Drivers blow into the small breathalyzer machines attached to their ignition devices and if their BAC is more than the legal limit of .08, the vehicle will not start.

Last year interlocks stopped 13,500 drivers from driving drunk. Since they became available a dozen years ago, the devices have prevented more than 87,925 attempts to drive drunk in New Jersey, according to the advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

“Many individuals who have their license suspended due to drunk driving continue to drive and even continue to drive drunk,” said Sen. Nicholas Scutari D-Union, one of the bill’s sponsors. “That’s the reality of what we need to address and requiring the installation of IIDs for an initial offense will keep our roads safe from those who pose hazards to not only themselves, but our communities as well.”


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