Dr. Vladimir Zelenko receives ‘cease and desist’ letter from NY AG


They will do anything to get him.

The New York Attorney General’s Office sent a letter to Dr. Zev Zalenko, the Doctor responsible for saving hundreds of lives by giving out hydroxychloroquine at an early stage resulting in an extremely high success rate.


  1. What do you expect from a state that has caused thousands of death because of political reasons.

    Yemach Shemom!

  2. Sounds like another economically and/or politically motivated act of intimidation, sabotage and indirect bioterrorism against Dr. Zelenko, his most promising CV19 regimen, and the American people, in extraordinary circumstances, against an extraordinary global threat.

    No matter the technical writing issue(s), this beotch’s letter is entirely inappropriate. Lenco is obviously proceeding under various federal and state rules.
    Her office should work cooperatively with both Lenco Labs and Dr Zelenko to clarify any minor wording adjustments. Yes, minor.

    Otherwise I think federal authorities should proceed directly against the beotch operating under color of law against the American people, or even the world. “Directly” I mean physical removal awaiting interrogation or even full force.

  3. From what I understood of the above legalese, Dr. Corsi accidentally sent the email chain of his correspondence with Dr. Zelenko to a government investigator with a similar name. The investigator was a left-over from the Obama administration that President Trump did not yet purge from the government. Seeing an opportunity, the investigator carefully examined the chain and discovered in it, that Dr. Zelenko mentioned that the study he was conducting was approved by the FDA. That was technically incorrect, because the head of the FDA only verbally and not officially approve of the study. So what Dr. Zelenko privately told Dr. Corsi is now drawing fire from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Attorney General who is forbidding Dr. Zelenko from claiming to anyone that the test is government sanctioned.
    Look at what the state of our democracy is at. The State of New York is using intimidation tactics to frighten doctors who are not politically correct. They are examining private emails without a warrant and without any cause, or crime that is charged. They are controlling doctors as to what they feel will save a patient in an emergency . Scary.
    Note: Where is the government and media declarations about doctors who profess that vitamin C, vitamin D, etc., reduces the morbidity of this virus? Why the silence there and the noise regarding Dr. Zelenko? I am certain it’s because they KNOW his protocol works !

  4. C’mon you gotta help the narrative here- to find ways to make the situation WORSE.

    It’s dying down to quickly and some of the politicians may lose their dictating powers.

    Cuomo won’t be able to give his press conferences anymore and portray himself (he knows how to talk) as the greatest man alive.

    DeBlasio may lose his only chance to completely socialize nyc.


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