THURSDAY: Dr. Roberts Sukkos Chol Hamoed carnival Information, ‘unvaxxed’ people are not welcome


Date – The 2019 Sukkos Chol Hamoed carnival will be on Thursday, October 17th 11:30 AM – 5:30 PM at Blue Claws Stadium Parking Lot. There will not be a rain date.

NEW! Families with young children – Upon arrival, if you have not already written your cell number on a piece of tape on your young child’s outer clothing then please go directly to the lost children tent, located at the center of the carnival, where stickers and markers will be available.

*Cotton candy, popcorn and Pekalach (three noshes and a prize)

*Strolling entertainment by Dick Rainer – Stilt Walking, Juggling, Unicycling, & more!

*Petting Farm – featuring farm animals

*Police vehicles and a fire truck

Shows –

A. Tent A:

Live Game Show by Yisroel Erps – Dazzling interactive gameshow…… Shows: 11:45, 1:45, 3:45

B. Tent B:

Storyteller Rabbi Yoel Ferber – Presenting a mesmerizing story………. Shows: 12:00, 2:00, 4:00

Sam Jacobs Magic Show – High-energy incredible illusion show……… Shows: 1:00, 3:00, 5:00

C. Outside show:

Majestic Spectacular Show –including motorcycle in a globe and on a wire, unicycle and knife juggling acts ……………………………………………………………… Shows: 12:45, 2:45, 4:45


  1. Nice headline. “Unvaxxed” people not welcome?

    How ignorant can you be?

    This is unscientific, fear-filled and hateful. It’s an example of the type of behavior that leads, in time, to the very worst that humans are capable of.

    Speak up against this, even if you are not the one effected. Have we learned nothing from history?

    • I completely agree. I suppose that no adults over 25 or so will be able to attend since unless they have had boosters & caught up with the current childhood schedule are considered unvaccinated. Vaccines do not equal lifetime immunity & wear of in 2-10 years. ? can’t believe a group of people who have always been discriminated against because of their religious beliefs would condone discrimination against people’s religious beliefs not to vaccinate or for health reasons! Hipocrite much???

    • Unvaxxed ? Are serious? Maybe uncheck your ego bc it clearly seems you haven’t read a damn scientific study in too long. I feel sorry for your patients and shame on you for discriminating. I guess you like your patients sick and dependent on big pharma . Explains a lot

      • Pls research your fact better, and pls don’tuse this as a platform to vent that most of the people who have researched these things disagree with you

  2. What in the actual? Are we living in Nazi Germany? Could you PLEASE google shedding of live virus, and vaccine-strain virus? The immuno-compromised are FAR more likely to get sick being around your recently vaccinated children than around a healthy unvaccinated child. WHO ARE YOU to force us to inject our children with a substance that has DEATH listed on the possible side effects? “Most common” side effects? No. POSSIBLE, yes!! How dare you!

  3. So, are vaccine records going to be demanded of all children AND adults upon arrival at this event? Adult vaccine records would be needed, too, considering that even IF 100% of children were fully vaccinated, but their adult parents were not fully compliant with the ENTIRE CDC “recommended” vaccine schedule, if even ONE adult were not fully vaccinated according to the schedule, missing one vaccine, that ever elusive 95% HERD immunity level would not be attainable by ANYONE’s mathematical calculation. Chew on that for a bit. When is the Jewish community going to demand that all adult vaccines be mandated for everyone, too, so that they, too, can be cleared medically and permitted to participate in Jewish life and even the High Holy days at temple, or be cast out like lepers? What repugnant and outrageously unacceptable behavior is being condoned at this event. I hope many boycott this event.

  4. How does he define unvaxxed? What if the person has natural immunity? What if the person is elderly and only had 1 to 8 vaccine doses? What if the person was vaccinated according to the cdc but the immunity has worn off? What if the person is from England and does not have the Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine as it is not on the schedule for the UK? What if they are from another country with a lesser schedule than the US or from Israel were vaccination is not required to attend school? What if they are following their doctor and on a different schedule or not vaccinating at all by medical direction? Does it mater if it is one of the vaccines that gives limited immunity by preventing signs and symptoms but does not prevent transmission of the pathogen so the infectious aspect makes no practical distinction for transmission? Etc. And etc.

  5. We are Christians and don’t take the mark of the beast. I guess we aren’t welcome! Funny you say never again then behave like the nazis did by segregating and discriminations. Will we be in camps next?

  6. So ignorant! My very healthy unvaccinated kids will not be there. Instead we will
    See you at the park, stores, ice rink and every other public space you visit. Not spreading diseases they don’ have.
    BTW- any adult who isn’t up to date on 69 doses of poison (read a label) is also considered unvaccinated. Wake up people! It’s about $ not health.

  7. For what reason? Recently vaccinated people are the ones who can shed live virus vaccines as indicated on the package inserts and websites of vaccine manufacturers. Unvaccinated cannot spread viruses they do not have.

    I am saddened by the amount of misinformation and mob mentality. Vaccines are not the only way to stay healthy.

    I would hope anyone who is ill would stay home anyway and not spread a pathogen. I have overheard far too many people say they got the flu shot and felt awful while at work or sent their children to school after they were sick with a “weaker” flu?! Are you going to exclude them too.

  8. For what reason? Recently vaccinated people are the ones who can shed love virus vaccines as indicated on the package inserts and websites of vaccine manufacturers. Unvaccinated cannot spread viruses they do not have.

    I am saddened by the amount of misinformation and mob mentality. Vaccines are not the only way to stay healthy.

    I would hope anyone who is ill would stay home anyway and not spread a pathogen. I have overheard far too many people say they got the flu shot and felt awful while at work or sent their children to school after they were sick with a “weaker” flu?! Are you going to exclude them too.

  9. Do you know that immuno-compromised people may also be unvaccinated? Or the fact that some people can be completely up-to-date on vaccinations, but not develop an immune response, therefore, essentially, be unknowingly non-vaccinated? Do you know that certain vaccinations shed, particularly the flu mist, MMR, and Varicella vaccines, making people susceptible to contracting these infections and viruses.

    This is segregation at it’s finest. We are going backwards. How shameful.

  10. Imagine if signs were posted that said “Jews are not welcome”….oh wait that already happened…Have we not learned anything from history? This is outrageous – Shame on you!

  11. I say anyone who is nearby attend and educate creatively and peacefully. The masses need to know the facts and it’s uo to each of us to balance out the misinformation.

    US has a population of 329 million. If everyone was fully vaccinated, at least 3% simply wouldn’t form antibodies. This would leave 9 million having not formed antibodies, and nobody would know who that 3% was.

  12. I am fully Vaxxed. In my childhood only three vaccines were given. Do I have to get every 68 plus doses to come have some fun? Will all adults have to present a Vax card with dozens of boosters? This is ridiculous!

  13. I can not believe this. Did we not learn anything from history. How would you determine who is vaccinated anyway? Would they have to provide papers? Or maybe you’d have people reporting them or turning them in?

  14. Parents can also take their Unvaxxed child to the lost child tent to recieve their free Gold Star of David so they can be segregated easier ….. cause we havent yet learned from history of discrimination.

  15. “Unvaxxed” not welcome? I don’t know what is more tragic, that you somehow find it okay to discriminate or that the Jewish people, who have been persecuted throughout history, are perpetuating and essentially institutionalizing and advocating for segregation and discrimination. I’d guess you are trying to distance yourself from “those other Jews” who choose not to vaccinate. So very sad.

    Separately, do you know that declining just one vaccine technically means you are “unvaccinated?” So unless all adults in attendance are up-to-date on the CDC’s recommended schedule and/or have received the 69-72 doses that children now receive, guess what? You, too, are unvaccinated, and apparently should stay home. Not to mention that certain diseases are not communicable/contagious in a communicable setting: Hepatitis B, HPV, tetanus.

    Simply being unvaccinated doesn’t mean you all-of-a-sudden and automatically are now carrying and spreading disease. HEALTH status (i.e. whether you are actually sick) not vaccination status determines whether you can spread a disease. You cannot spread a disease you do not have. Not to mention there are hundreds of diseases there are no vaccines for. Let’s just take one…TB, for example. While there is a TB vaccine, we are not routinely vaccinated for it in the U.S. Does that mean everyone is now a silent carrier of TB and should be worried about everyone else? NO. We as a society only fear diseases when there is a vaccine for said disease. Please educate yourself.

    As we look back in history, we often wonder how things like racism and the Holocaust happened and why didn’t people stand up for what was right? Well, with statements such as the one above, it’s clear that human nature doesn’t change and we clearly have not learned from lessons of the past. Apparently vaccination status is the new reason to justify segregation and discrimination.

  16. Will you be checking papers at the door?
    Will you be checking the status of the workers at the carnival? What about the people offering food? Performing? What about the people one might bump into on the way there? Better start asking for the papers of supermarket workers. Restaurant workers. Where does it stop? Should we make them wear something on their clothes to identify themselves? Move them into their own special housing project?

    Shame on you. May G-d have mercy on you, for you have learned nothing.

    Wonderful reflection here by a childhood survivor of the Holocaust:

  17. Right after yom Kippur, an amazing display of sinas chinam, if you did tshuva but didn’t intend to amend your ways and continue excluding your fellow yidden then how can you rejoice on sukkos?

  18. Will you be handing out yellow stars for the unvaccinated to put on their clothing so everyone knows who the vile germ-filled people are? This way they can easily be spotted and rounded up for concentration, oops, rather quarantine camps.

  19. Disgusting headline! What are they teaching our children? To be start a new wave of discriminatory hate towards the unvaxxed population. I wouldn’t go to this event just because I don’t want to teach my children to be as hateful as this headline!

  20. You can’t post this and consider yourselves Orthodox Jews. You should be ashamed of yourselves as a community. Our ancestors are most definitely frowning down upon you. Please, do some research and don’t be so ignorant. SHAME ON YOU LAKEWOOD

  21. Only in Lakewood the “eer hatorah”! how is this tolerated? anyone with a drop of human dignity would boycott this event, how is there no outcry from the leaders there? There should be a issue to attend.

  22. Lakewood people wake up! This headline was written by ‘greater Lakewood’ all comments should be directed to them, and do give them a mouthful for insighting hate.

  23. This is a Disgrace. No one should think that this represents the opinions of the Greater Lakewood Community. Besides the fact that it is completely unenforceable, but 90% of attendees will not have had sufficient time to receive their flu shot that recently came on the market. For Shame!!

  24. As a fellow Jew I am horrified by this. You should be ashamed. My vaccine injured child and I will not be in attendance. Thanks too for letting us know ahead of time what a horrible group of discriminators you are.

  25. But ALL adults are unvaxxed unless they’ve gotten all 72. That’s why they are healthier than the young people, I suppose. So no one may attend. Its the new way to separate people and where will this lead? Sounds very much like a familiar page in history to me. Shame on you.

  26. People should show up in droves with T Shirts

    I am unvaxxed Just like Dr Roberts!
    We did NOT get 72 vaccines recommended by the CDC today.

  27. Wow….never thought there would be people in today’s society actively doing what they can to promote segregation and outcasting a specific group of people. Shame on you and all those who support this. Have we learned nothing from history???

  28. Attention All:
    Please do not blame “The Jews” for this.
    This carnival is sponsored 100% by a PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL. He is a philanthropist, a generous one, but he controls things…Any wrongdoing, actual or perceived, falls squarely on this person, not “The Jews.”

  29. As an outsider of the Jewish faith I find ALL 45 comments a joint kabal that was sent out on a WhatsApp group that is for anti vaxxers only. It is impossible for not one other comment pro vaxxer to get thru without the help of the site administrator. So the next time you are invited to a party and it is labeled “A black tie affair” and you plan on not dressed accordingly don’t feel discriminated against. I am embarrassed for my friends that are of the Jewish faith that their own people are comparing some to Nazi Germany.

  30. Instead of complaining, the anti-vaxxers COULD arrange their OWN carnival featruing Andrew Wakefield as the freakish sideshow!

  31. It doesn’t say anywhere by any carnival signs that unvaccinated children are not allowed. who asked you to post complete and total motzi shem rah just for a lil news coverage???
    you have NO proof anywhere that Dr. Roberts stated this at the carnival. And if you do have proof, please than post it.

  32. Sorry but you must be an alien. Call credible reporting fake, accuse and abuse. Why? Since you have an agenda to push. Sounds like you are fake news!
    OK, Now to respond.
    The carnival website said
    “Please do not endanger others by bringing someone who is not immunized.”
    Is that good enough proof? If not – we should instate a CAPTCHA for you.


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