Disney chief: “Hitler Would Have Loved Social Media”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bob Iger and Rabbi Marvin Hier

“We are losing ground,” warned Disney chief Bob Iger in a fiery speech about the collapse of civility in America as he accepted the 2019 Humanitarian Award at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s annual National Tribute Dinner. “Hate and anger are dragging us toward the abyss once again, and apathy is growing … consuming our public discourse and shaping our country into something that is wholly unrecognizable,” he told a ballroom full of Hollywood’s most powerful players, Jew and non-Jew alike, noting, “Our politics, in particular, are now dominated by contempt.”

The Disney chief, for his part, asserted, “Hitler would have loved social media,” suggesting that it is “constantly validating our convictions and amplifying our deepest fears” and “makes it far too easy to deny our shared humanity.” He emphasized that “it is possible to argue policy without attacking people” and that “we have to change how we talk to each other” before suggesting, “Maybe we should just start by reconnecting with those friends and family members that we haven’t spoken to since the 2016 election.”

Looking toward the future, Iger said, “I want to be inspired by big ideas.” On the same day it was reported that Iger will soon co-host a fundraiser for 2020 Democratic candidates for the United States Senate, he encouraged others, “Whomever you support with your vote or money, make them earn it.” He closed his remarks with a call to action: “We have the responsibility to fix what is broken … The world needs us to be better … Each one of us has the obligation to be part of the solution.”


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