DISASTER: flight to Israel canceled leaving passengers stranded for Pesach


An Aeroflot flight destined to Israel from New York via Russia was canceled after being delayed for 7 hours. The passengers were not informed beforehand, and after waiting and waiting, they were told the Plane had a mechanical/technical issue and couldn’t take off.

The airline had no other flights to Israel before Pesach and their only other option is an alternative flight via El Al in the evening but at a premium price of $2,000 per ticket, significantly less than the company is willing to reimburse the stranded passengers.

Moti Adler, the son of Meir Adler, the famous musician from Vizhnitz, told B’chadrei chareidim: “Suddenly they told us that the flight was postponed. Every hour they told us another hour, and in the end they simply canceled it and told us they had next week on Monday. They are willing to pay only the amount of the ticket, and we are forced to fly with El Al at twice the price, about $2,000.”

“There are a lot of families here with children and babies, it’s an intolerable situation. They brought in policemen who simply pushed us out, because we did not want to leave. We are now waiting for our suitcases. This is not a good situation. No one knows how he will fly and what he will do. They told us they would give us a hotel until next week, but it’s not serious because we are on the eve of the Seder. What exactly will be done at the hotel?”


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