De Blasio 2020 kept alive by…..Satmar


Mayor Bill de Blasio is turning to reliable allies in New York City’s Orthodox Jewish community as he scrambles for debate-qualifying donations to his presidential bid.

A fundraising request for 10,000 donors giving just $1 each is circulating online and on WhatsApp within the Satmar community.

The message – in Yiddish – says it is not an endorsement of his presidential bid, rather help him qualify for the September debate stage.

Obviously failing to secure a spot on the stage would be a fatal blow to his ‘one percent’ campaign.

Politico reports the pitch implies the donations would yield favorable treatment in the future.


  1. This is over the top! What did he do good for satmar that they want him to be prez? Unless the feel it’s kdai to keep him on stage just to continue the comedy…

  2. People are really naive. There is no way he is becoming president. But helping him out now could help Yidden in the future. We have to be practical and figure out how to work with government officials that can provide practical assistance. There is a price to pay for being a pariah, and we cannot afford it.


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