Dan Buys KollelBudget At Metziahs’s Pricing – in points!


Dan from Dansdeals, arguably the largest Jewish site in the world, has acquired KollelBudget. Dan who threw the first pitch in the 2016 World Series Game 7, whose opportunity was ‘purchased’ for a whopping 1.06 million points, purchased KollelBudget for only 900K points.

A person familiar with talks told GreaterLakewood, There was a period of intense negotiations where it seemed the deal was off but Metziahs stepped in and mediated. In the end, a deal was secured at ‘Metziahs Pricing.’

Yanky from KollelBudget will be throwing a massive Kiddush in a few weeks, for the Lakewood community, in appreciation for all their support throughout the years.

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