Cory Booker: As President will free thousands of non-violent drug offenders – on day one


Cory Booker is taking on a new issue. Jail for non-violent drug offenders in his opinion, is no big deal. Cory tweeted ‘Right now, there are thousands of people sitting in prison serving excessive sentences. Today I’m announcing that as president, I’ll immediately start the clemency process for more than 17,000 individuals who are there due to the failed War on Drugs.’

His official statement read:

The War on Drugs has been a war on people, tearing families apart, ruining lives, and disproportionately affecting people of color and low-income individuals — all without making us safer.

When it comes to restoring justice, we can’t be timid.

As president, I will act immediately to right these wrongs, starting by initiating a clemency process for thousands of nonviolent drug offenders who have been handed unjust sentences by their government. Granting clemency won’t repair all the damage that has been done by the War on Drugs and our broken criminal justice system, but it will help our country confront this injustice and begin to heal.

— Cory Booker



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