Congress votes 420-0 to make Mueller findings public, Trump agrees ‘Makes us look good’


President Trump on Shabbos backed bipartisan calls in Congress for FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian interference in the 2016 election to be made public.

“Play along with the game!” the president told Republicans.

“On the recent non-binding vote (420-0) in Congress about releasing the Mueller Report, I told leadership to let all Republicans vote for transparency,” he tweeted. “Makes us all look good and doesn’t matter.”

Since the measure is nonbinding, Mueller, Barr and Trump cannot be forced to release more information to Congress and the public than the Justice Department and federal law require. Republicans were quick to point out – despite their support for the resolution – that because the resolution does not have the force of law, it had little sway over whether or not the report is released to the public.


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